Mike Coney, Unitrends CEO Talks About Acquisition of PHD Virtual

Following a strategy to fill key gaps in the technology it offers and its addressable market of backup and recovery solutions, Unitrends announced the acquisition of PHD Virtual.

Unitrends itself was acquired earlier this year by the private equity firm Insight Venture Partners, which also counts PHD Virtual as one of its holdings. By combining the two companies, Unitrends can target smaller companies and offer solutions for environments that are purely virtualized, a limitation of its appliance-based solutions.

PHD Virtual competes with companies such as Veeam and Acronis and sells to organizations with less than 100 employees with average deal sizes of about $3,000. Unitrends enterprise backup appliances are aimed at enterprises with 100 to 500 employees with deal sizes above $20,000. Unitrends competes against Symantec’s Backup Exec, CommVault and Barracuda, said Mike Coney, Unitrends’ CEO.

CEO Mike Coney stated that the company saw a good fit with PHD Virtual. He pointed out that PHD Virtual customers are mostly virtual. Coney noted that PHD Virtual also recently acquired Reliable DR, which brings the company into the disaster recovery-as-a-service market.

Coney has extensive experience in the backup and recovery market. He was on the original Back-Up Exec team at Veritas before Symantec acquired the company in 2005.

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